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If you reading this than you probably want some help with your marketing and design work. Or maybe you're reading this because you are a little bit curious to how I can help you. Well, here's the deal, I can help with with whatever you need. It's that simple. Need a postcard, invitation, flyer, brochure, powerpoint, website, or book? I got you. Maybe you need an event planner, or someone to help clean up your emails and sort your contacts. I can do that too. 

I've worked as a coordinator, assistant, producer, designer, and artist. There hasn't been a project I've not completed. I love the thrill of a good challenge and tight deadline. So lets get started. Still not sure what you need? Here are some common projects I work on:

Flyers ∙ Postcards/Mailers ∙ Brochures ∙ Email Marketing ∙ Custom Newsletters ∙ Newspaper & Magazine Advertising ∙ Social Meda

Contacts/CRM Organization ∙ Website Design ∙ Personal Branding/Logo Design ∙ Copy-writing ∙ Event Planning ∙ Marketing Consulting




Send me an email with your project or task. Not sure why you need? Send me your idea. It'll take it from there.



After reviewing and talking with you

about your project i'll send you a quote

with estimated time and cost.



If your quote looks good and you want to proceed, I'll have you sign a work order and begin work.


When work is complete I'll send you an itemized invoice with adjusted

hours if needed.




Once you've set payment I'll send you a receipt and a file containing the

master documents.


Referral Program

REFERRAL PROGRAM $20 off your next toral when you refer a friend and they complete one transaction.


"Thank you so much for your help on my marketing! I truly appreciate how you went above-and-beyond to help me make my postcard." Taj O. "Thank you for everything you do for our office and thank you not only for all of the marketing you did for the Rose Show but espicially for donating your Saturday to assist. We appreciate you." Don F. & Tammy P. "I can't thank you enough for all the work you put into designing my makreting, website, and business stationary." Lori M.

Rates & Discounts

STANDARD RATE $30/hour. Minimum 1 hour. DISCOUNTS 10% off your transaction if you buy 8 or more hours in one transaction. SPECIAL PROJECTS Special project rates available. Please email.


Marketing & Design Flyer


Get a quote specifically for you


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Who owns the designs and rights to the artwork you create?

Coming Soon.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I currently accept PayPal, Apple Cash, Zell Pay, all major credit cards (2.7% fee applies) and cash or check in person.

Will I have to sign a contract?

Yes. The Work Order acts as the official contract between the two of us. The contract is legally binding and is used to protect our interests. It includes clauses such as canceling the project, payment, deadlines, property rights, and proprietary information. If you would like to see a copy of the contract, please email me.

I got a quote from you, what do I do next?

If you choose to proceed with the project I will have you sign a Work Order and begin production. This Work Order acts as the official contract and contains an agreement between the Client (you) and Contractor (me). This agreement protects you and your proprietary information as well as the process for canceling an agreement.

How long is the quote good for?

The quote is good for 30 days from the date listed on the quote and most often the day it was sent to you. In order to deliver high-caliber service to each of my clients please let me know when I can begin working for you. If the quote expires please resubmit your request.

What if I go over or under the hours listed on my quote?

The estimated hours listed is an estimate of the number of working hours. The exact number of hours will be determined by work-flow and revisions required. If I have over quoted you on hours at the end of a project I will adjust them on your invoice. If more hours are needed beyond the amount quoted above I will reach out to you beforehand for approval on additional hours.




Send me a message, give me a call, 

or contact me on social media.


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