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About Cassie

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Me, Myself, & I

What I'm all about

I was born and raised in Northern California and spent my childhood crafting, working on the computer, or visiting the local movie theater. My mother's influence of art and film and my father's influence of technology and innovation led  me to pursue a bachelor of fine arts degree in film and television. While in college I got a job as a makeup artist which opened a new world to me. It eventually lead me to diploma at a trade school studying makeup for film and television. It was at this point I took my passion and transferred it to corporate cosmetics designing makeup and tool lines for several global cosmetics companies.


After many years working in the cosmetics industry I decided to take a new path into graphic design. I begin my career as a graphic designer and marketing coordinator for several luxury real estate brokerages. It was around this time I fell in love with calligraphy and began studying it as a hobby. My passion for the written text has remained constant ever since. I continue to work as a marketing coordinator and do calligraphy in my spare time.

Fancy Education

The cap and gown kind

Academy of Art University

Batchelor of Fine Arts

Motion Picture & Television

Foothill College

Associate of Arts

Art History

Makeup Designory


Master Makeup Artistry

Design School of Cosmetology

700 Clock Hours


Less Fancy Education

The just for fun kind

Castle in the Air, Berkeley, CA

Introduction to Pointed Pen: Master Penman, Bill Kemp

Illumination: Master Penman, Bill Kemp

Pointed Pen Flourishing: Master Penman, Bill Kemp

Engrosser's Script: Master Penman, Bill Kemp

Copperplate Script: Alice Armstrong

Introduction to Paper Marbling: Pietro Accardi

2019 IAMPETH Conference, Denver, CO

Gilding, adding the WOW! Factor: Rosalee Anderson

Introduction to Spencerian Script: Master Penman Pat Blair

Flourishing, The Art of the Oval: Suzanne Cunningham

Business Writing: Master Penamn Michael Sull

The Digital Quill: Christen Turney

2018 IAMPETH Conference, Milwaukee, WI

Adding Life to Your Formal Copperplate: Maria Hoksch

On the Making of a Corporate Award: Master Penman, Rosemary Buczek

Flourishing Fête: Susanne Cunningham

Love, Fear & Flourishing: Anne Elser

Signature Design: Michael Ward

2016 IAMPETH Conference, Portlanc, OR

Roman & Foundational: Master Penman, Marian Gault

The Vintage Garden: Master Penman, Heather Held

Uncial with a Broad Edge Pen: Cora Pearl

Modern Storybook Script: Kathy Milici

Sickles Lettering: Skyler Chubak


Cool people I hang with


American Institute of

Graphic Arts


Calligraphy and Letter Arts Society


International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting


Friends of Calligraphy


On the job learning

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