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Cassie's Favorites: Books

Please note that most of the links in this section are affiliate links. If you click through to any of the links and make a purchase Cassie will earn a small commission.

Compensation does not affect the promotion of products on this website.

"An absolute must for every calligrapher.

I go back to this book over and over."

Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy

by Eleanor Winters

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"An extensive look into calligraphy with historical details and step-by-step instructions."

Mastering Calligraphy

by Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls

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"The first calligraphy book I bought, it breaks down several styles in an easy to read format."

The Calligrapher's Bible

by David Harris

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"Over 100 samples of various alphabets and styles. A great book to inspire you."

Script and Cursive Alphabets

by Dan Solo

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"Molly's books is a great foundation for begginers looking to learn modern calligraphy."

Modern Calligraphy

by Molly Suber Thorpe

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"Very comprehensive and detailed. Makes penmanship easy for all ages."

The Art of Cursive Penmanship

by Michael R. Sull

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"A great book for beginning illuminators. Start with this book first. So easy!"

Bible of Illuminated Letters

by Margaret Morgan

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"Rich images and clear details. This book is beautiful just on its own."

Beginning Illumination

by Claire Travers

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"Large images and step-by-step examples. This book is a must for illuminators."

The Illuminated Alphabet

by Timothy Noad & Patricia Seligman

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"This might be my favorite art book of all time. So many quotes to inspire you."

Art is the Highest Form of Hope

by Phaidon Editors

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"An essential to understanding art. This book is the standard text for all art history classes."

Art Through the Ages

by Fred S. Kleiner

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"The most comprehensive text for those interested in manuscripts."

Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts

by Michelle Brown

View on Amazon

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