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Cassie's Favorites: Papers & Parchments

Please note that most of the links in this section are affiliate links. If you click through to any of the links and make a purchase Cassie will earn a small commission.

Compensation does not affect the promotion of products on this website.

"This paper is like writing on silk. It's creamy and beautiful. Great for practice."

Rhodia Orange Dot Pad 8.25X11.75

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"My go to paper for final projects. It has a subtle texture and thickness."

Arches 140 Pound, Cold Press Pad

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Paper Sampler.png

"The best way to start your paper journey is though sample packs like these."

Paper & Ink Arts Sample Pack

View on Paper & Ink Arts

"Like a tracing paper this is excellent for laying out designs and practicing with inks"

Borden & Riley Marker Layout Pad

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Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 7.31.02 PM.png

"Hard to find, these envlopes are plastic like' and ink glides over it smoothly."

Plike Envlopes

View on LCI Paper


"The best place for parchments in all hides. They come in full skins too."

Animal Hide Cut Sheets

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