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Cassie's Favorites: Fonts

Please note that most of the links in this section are affiliate links. If you click through to any of the links and make a purchase Cassie will earn a small commission.

Compensation does not affect the promotion of products on this website.

Copperplate Script Image.jpeg

"I use this for all my pre-production layout planning. Perfect for saving time and for projects that need a quick turn around. Also use this for addressing cards quickly."

Copperplate Script

by CastleType

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Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 7.29.36 PM.png

"A beautiful alternative to copperplate. This font has stunning uppercase flourishes and comes in a full alphabet. Did I mention it's a free font?!


by Claud P.

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Desire Pro.jpg

"An all time favorite font of mine. I use it mostly for graphic design work. It can be used casually or dressed up. Also a great font to experiment with flourishes and layout.


by Borges Lettering

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Bombshell Pro.jpg

"A must for wedding calligraphers. Most of my brides request this font for their wedding signs. I like to mix this with a simple serif font for easier reading."

Bombshell Pro

by Emily Lime

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"I use this font for my historical projects. This font family comes in both an uppercase and lowercase. It's handy for gilding projects and a great foundation for illuminated caps."

Cal Uncial

by Posterizer KG

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"I use this for diplomas and awards. It's easy to 'trace' and works both with your broad-edge or painted with a fine point paintbrush. Add flourishes to this for some extra wow."

Cal Gothic Textura

by Posterizer KG

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