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Cassie's Favorites: Websites

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The largest international association for calligraphers, IAMPETH is a great resource for how-to videos, scanned rare books, and members get access to the online discussion forum and yearly conference (see you there).

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Calligrafile is a curated library of 500+ trusted supplies, online shops, learning resources, interviews, and business tools compiled by professional calligraphers and lettering artists from around the globe. They have everything!

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At its beginning this site was a marvel.

I was always sourcing new ideas and inspiration from around the world. Now full of ads, it has become a site for me to create mood boards or collections of images.  

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CLAS is a UK based calligraphy society. CLAS exists to promote the study, practice and teaching of western calligraphy in all its forms, and to generate awareness and appreciation among the wider public. 

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With over a million items in their collection the V&A museum in London is a treat for all. Inspiration can be found by searching their online database or visiting in person. They have an extensive manuscript library too.

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I spend most of my time on this website learning a new trade. It is so valuable and the videos and classes are top quality and easy to follow along. There is a membership you have to sign up for but it is worth the cost.

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