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Cassie's Favorites: Social Profiles


"Linda is a master of so many styles. Her simple posts highlight her fun quotes. A regular poster there's always something new to see on her profile."

Linda Yoshida


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"Felicia's use of color and texture is stunning. The layers of details, tactile elements, and flourishes make these posts a treat for the eyes."

Felicia Tan


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IMG_8217 2.PNG

"Hirommi is a master of gold! Her projects are thoughtfully researched and her technique is flawless. She shares with us many progress photos and close up detail."

Hiromi Nakamura


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"Paul is a master scribe and full of knowledge. He's been doing calligraphy his whole life and his page is a great resource for all types of tools and resources."

Paul Antonio


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"Tri's IG page is perfectly curated. A wide variety of styles and lessons on different letterforms, acanthus drawing and so much more. Check out the website too."

Tri Le


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"Ms. Macaluso's watercolor florals are a dream! Bright colors, flourishes, and a blend of gold inks make her work stand out a mile away."

F Phyllis Macaluso


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"Schin is known for her calligraphic animals and sticker envelopes. Her page is full of beautiful images that spark the imagination and inspire.

Schin Loong


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"Anne's pages is full of joy and positivity. Her letterforms are loose and sketch-like. She is the master of going off book and making it look good with simple tools."

Anne-Davnes Elser


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"Rubana's wedding invitations exude luxury. One of the few calligraphers that make dark paper glow. All of her work is hand made and a notch above the rest."



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"David's feed is a fantastic resource fill of videos with good detail. Most of his work is in broad edge but his copperplate and Spencerain is just as good.

David Grimes


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"Heather is the queen of Italic Hand and Victorian decorations. Her use of gemstones and pastels in her work make her feed light, airy and delicate."

Heather Victoria Held


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"Nikolietta has fantastic videos and has excellent examples in copperplate and modern calligraphy. Her work has fine detail and is a great place to start on IG."



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